Letter from the Director

Dear Fellow Recycler,

Spring is here and with it a strong surge of recycling.  This is the kind of commitment that will help us accomplish our goal of recycling 50% of our household solid waste stream by 2030.  More about that in later communications.

Today, the Recycle Floyd County team wants to take this opportunity to thank you for valuing recycling and to remind you of a few procedures that will help us operate as efficiently as we can.  These include:

  • Please separate tin cans (soup, pet food, etc.) and aluminum cans for recycling.  We earn a small return on these materials that helps fund our operation. 
  • Please separate corrugated boxes (Amazon etc.), and include in our Single Stream (green bins) collection paper, plastic (#’s1-7), and glass.  We pay to send these materials to the regional recycling center in Louisville.

Many of you already separate at home your metal and aluminum and break down your corrugated boxes.  We thank you for that.  We ask that everyone handle their recyclables similarly.

Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in materials not appropriate for recycling.  This includes Medical Wastes (C-PAP tubes, at-home dialysis equipment, syringes, used bandage, and Covid test kits).  Please consult your medical provider for the recommended disposal practices.  We’ve also seen an assortment of odd items, including infant car seats, potty chair pans, ceiling fans, wood, and lawn mower parts. These items are not recyclable and should be donated for reuse or placed in your household trash.

Finally, after assessing a number of options, we have stopped taking plastic bags, particularly plastic grocery bags.  We simply lack the scale to dispose of them properly.  However, great options do exist.  Kroger (including JayC) and Meijers offers their customers the opportunity to return both plastic bags and soft plastic packaging used to package your favorite brands.  We appreciate their commitment to recycling and echo their call for everyone to convert to reusable shopping bags whenever you can.

We could not be prouder of our team members who work our collection centers on Grant Line Road, New Albany, and the Digital Library, Galena.

Thank you for your support and partnership.

Scott Stewart and Your Recycle Floyd County Team
(812) 948-4733